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Florida Knife has extensive grinding experience and capabilities that can work for your applications.  We specialize in grinding plates, sheets and blanks and have capabilities and capacity for large pieces and multiple piece production runs.  We can grind all metal surfaces such as tool steel, alloys, stainless and aluminum.  In some cases we have also performed grinding on certain plastics.

Grinding Service Types

Vertical spindle grinding or Blanchard Grinding as it is commonly called provides an exceptional surface with a cross-hatched pattern.  We have Blanchard Grinding  Machines that are 36″, 42″ and 60″.  Whatever your Blanchard Grinding needs Florida Knife stands ready to serve.

Horizontal spindle grinding or surface grinding produces an exceptionally smooth surface.  We have surface grinding machines that are 20 x 40 and 16 x 72.

Florida Knife also specializes in a unique grinding service for oblong objects such as long bars and blocks.  We call this vertical spindle straight line grinding for applications that fall into a 12 x 180 inch framework and it produces a smooth ground finish.

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