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Do you have any tips for when I send my blades for sharpening?

Posted on: September 28th, 2011

Tips When Sending in Knives for Sharpening:

  • We receive a high volume of blades for sharpening each day.  To expedite the process it is helpful to include your company name and purchase order number on the box and/or include a packing slip.
  • If you have specific needs such as straightness, flatness or edge condition, you can note that on the PO.  This will facilitate the inspection process prior to grinding.
  • If there are special needs in the grinding process such as blades needing to be ground in sets and the numbers in sets you can note that on the PO as well.  We will wire and package the blades in those sets unless you have a preference otherwise.
  • Our priority for sharpening is to return the blade to OEM specifications, but for certain industries this is not necessary and some chips and nicks in the blade are acceptable.  For example blades used in brush chippers, scrap choppers and scrap shears can function well even with some large nicks in the blades which allows results in a longer life of the blade.  You can indicate this on the PO or directly on the blade and will facilitate the inspection process.
  • Call ahead when your knives are needed in less than 24 hours. This will allow us to schedule the work to fit into your time frame.
  • If you have knives that are resharpened on a regular basis you may want to create a blanket PO and note the release numbers on the packing slip.  This may facilitate your record keeping.
  • Communication with our customers is important, we may call you when your blades arrive if there are questions about its condition.